Pre-finished Mouldings and Millwork

Pre-finished Moulding, Millwork and Trim Products

Rocky Mountain Finishes provides customers with beautiful, eco-friendly pre-finishing of moulding, millwork and trim products. From MDF and paint grade poplar, to stained Mahogany, Oak and Cherry; products are stained, sealed, primed and painted under factory-controlled conditions and the most stringent quality control procedures. RMF consistently produces the finest finishes for each and every application. Whether you’re looking for one board, or one thousand boards, RMF is capable of on taking on all quantities, materials, and finishes to help make your dream a reality.

RMF, in partnership with PPG and Sherwin Williams, is proud to offer over 2,000 solid paint colors and dozens of semi-transparent and solid-color stain options for interior use. The customer is welcome to purchase and drop ship materials directly to RMF for pre-finishing; alternatively, RMF can procure the materials directly from our supply of trusted vendors. Standard millwork profiles are available in the following categories: base, casing, rails, crown and coves.

Pre-painted Mouldings and Millwork

RMF’s factory finishing capabilities include pre-painting of natural and engineered wood millwork. The most popular of these products being Poplar, Pine, and Hardboard (MDF). While nearly any natural wood species may be painted, it is recommended to use a less expensive wood (or engineered wood) for painted mouldings. Painted mouldings are typically the least expensive type of trim. Poplar is a very popular choice as it is a hard, smooth wood that is relatively stable and less expensive than many other hardwoods. Engineered woods, like MDF, are also a very popular choice as they can be machined into numerous profiles and—when painted—can be made to look like real wood.

Pre-stained Mouldings and Millwork

RMF’s pre-finishing capabilities include pre-staining or clear coating of natural wood millwork. While many natural wood species may be stained; oftentimes, hardwoods take stain more evenly than most softwoods. Staining is a process that adds depth and clarity to the wood it is applied to. This process will naturally darken and reduce the variation of the wood’s natural color. Clear finishes allow for the natural color and grain pattern of the wood to shine through. The following wood species are recommended for stained and clear coated mouldings and millwork:

  • Alder (Stain and/or Clear)
  • Ash (Stain)
  • Cedar (Stain and/or Clear)
  • Cherry (Stain and/or Clear)
  • Douglas Fir (Stain and/or Clear)
  • Hickory (Stain)
  • Lyptus (Stain and/or Clear)
  • Mahogany (Stain and/or Clear)
  • Maple (Stain and/or Clear)
  • Red Oak (Stain and/or Clear)
  • Walnut (Stain and/or Clear)
  • White Oak (Stain and/or Clear)

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