About Pre-finishing

Rocky Mountain’s Pre-finishing Process

Rocky Mountain Finishes provides customers with eco-friendly, durable pre-finishing of interior and exterior products. Factory pre-finishing is a value-adding process for building material manufacturers and suppliers, home and business owners, contractors, and designers where painted or stained products are coated in a controlled environment prior to installation.

RMF is capable of automatically coating products ranging from 2’3″ to 20′ long, and from 1/2″ to 12″ in width. This wide range allows RMF to repeatably pre-finish products like mouldings, millwork, hardwood flooring, siding and more. RMF is also capable of handling larger, smaller, and more complex projects in our manual spray booth; where each piece is hand prepped and coated.

RMF uses a variety of water-based coatings (primers, paints, stains and sealers) to achieve your desired look and feel. Targeted, automatic application not only ensures a beautiful finish; it ensures minimal product waste, making our eco-friendly process even greener. Components are prepped, coated, cured and packaged according to the job specific finishing requirements. Whether you require pre-sanding, stain wiping, multiple coating passes (prime and paint, stain and seal, etc.), RMF is capable of handling all your pre-finishing needs.

RMF’s process combines industry leading technologies, quality control measures, and a variety of formulations to create a stunning, repeatable and lasting finishes. RMF factory pre-finishing program offers a variety of advantages compared to onsite finishing.

Advantages of Pre-finishing

  • Increased application quality – No color or film thickness variation, factory pre-finishing ensures a consistent finish through the entire batch.
  • Reduced time delays – Products are ready to be installed and used inside or outside of the home upon arrival.
  • Superior quality – State-of-the-art equipment in a dust-free setting provides uniform color, texture, and sheen.
  • Reduced labor costs – Costly onsite finishing can be done automatically at a higher, more consistent quality beforehand. In many cases the cost of factory pre-finishing is lower than the cost of using a separate finishing contractor.
  • Improved environmental controls – No messy overspray, noxious chemicals or odors, or onsite clean up issues. VOC’s are controlled at the factory and reduced at the jobsite.
  • Situational benefits – Safer than field finishing in hazardous locations or imperfect conditions.
  • Reduced weather delays – Pre-finished exterior building product extend the building season.
  • Durability – Pre-finished products are immediately protected from the weather, damaging UV rays, and everyday use which can cause paint adhesion issues or fading.
  • Instant appeal – Job site is neat and the interior and exterior of the site looks finished immediately.

How to Buy Pre-finished Products

Pre-finished interior and exterior building products are available through most lumber yards, distributors and manufacturers. Once you’ve made your material selection, you can ask for your products to be coated at Rocky Mountain Finishes. We work with many regional suppliers on this value-added process and are always looking for new partners. Our team is also happy to work with you during the color selection and planning process. You will want to start talking to your supplier about pre-finishing the products when making your material selection.

  • Request a quote and sample of the material and color you are considering, specify at this time that RMF is your preferred pre-finisher. RMF is capable of providing a custom color sample for your review.
  • Once satisfied with your material selection and color, place an order with your local materials salesman.
  • Material will be shipped to Rocky Mountain Finishes, LLC in Craig, CO to be pre-finished.
  • If the material is dry and ready to be coated, the typical finishing process should take between 5 and 10 business days.
  • Your supplier will be called as soon as the products are finished and packaged for delivery.
  • Your supplier will deliver the finished product to your jobsite, and you will be billed for the products including pre-finishing.
  • Follow proper handling instructions and storage guidelines.

Your style, your color, finished to last

Rocky Mountain Finishes offers a variety of water-based coatings including paints, stains, sealers, and topcoats for your pre-finishing needs. Products are automatically sanded, coated, wiped and cured on our state-of-the-art Deimco finishing system. RMF is also able to provide hand finishing and multiple coating passes according to your project specific needs. Discover what our team can do for you.

Make it yours, connect with our team to discuss your finishing needs

Rocky Mountain Finishes’ team excels in making your creative vision come to life. Whether you’re a building materials manufacturer or supplier, home or business owner, contractor, or interior designer; we’ll work cohesively to better understand your goals. Together we’ll create aesthetically pleasing, durable spaces for everyday life, work, and recreation. Contact the RMF team today to discuss your next project!