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Pre-finished Interior and Exterior Products

Rocky Mountain Finishes provides customers with beautiful, eco-friendly pre-finishing of interior and exterior products. Stained, sealed, primed and painted products are coated under factory-controlled conditions and the most stringent quality control procedures. RMF consistently produces the finest finish, for the most demanding applications. Whether you’re looking for one board, or one thousand boards, RMF is capable of on taking on all quantities, materials, and finishes to help make your dream a reality.

Automated Pre-finishing

RMF’s industry leading Deimco finishing system is capable of automatically coating products ranging from 2’3″ to 20′ long, and from 1/2″ to 12″ in width. The system includes an array of spray booths, sander, stain wiper, and industrial oven. Not all products require sanding or wiping, and some require multiple coatings passes (prime and paint, stain and seal, etc.); our team is happy to recommend the finishing process that will help you achieve the look and feel you desire. This array of tools and processes allows RMF to produce beautiful finishes for products like mouldings, millwork, hardwood flooring, siding and so much more!

Manual Pre-finishing

For components that do not lend themselves to automated pre-finishing, or require a little extra attention, RMF also employs a large manual spray booth. Exterior panels, sheet goods, doors, cabinetry, and other case goods are finished by hand by RMF’s team of skilled operators. Hand sanding and stain wiping are also available. The coatings are allowed to dry in a dust-free environment, this ensures uniform color, texture, and sheen; conditions that are normally unavailable in the field.

Paint, Stain and Color Matching

RMF uses a variety of water-based primers, paints, stains and sealers to achieve your desired look and feel. You may choose from a large selection of stock colors or request a custom color blend. If you have a specific brand and/or color of coating, we’ll work together to find the closest available or exact color match. All coatings are available in jobsite containers for touch-up work and to match other accessories finished on the jobsite.

Beautiful pre-finished products to match your vision

Rocky Mountain Finishes provides high-quality pre-finishing of interior and exterior products. Components are prepped, coated, cured and packaged according to your specific finishing requirements. RMF’s process combines industry leading technologies, quality control measures, and a variety of formulations to create a stunning, repeatable and lasting finish. Learn more about what makes our pre-finish process so special.

Make it yours, connect with our team to discuss your finishing needs

Rocky Mountain Finishes’ team excels in making your creative vision come to life. Whether you’re a building materials manufacturer or supplier, home or business owner, contractor, or interior designer; we’ll work cohesively to better understand your goals. Together we’ll create aesthetically pleasing, durable spaces for everyday life, work, and recreation. Contact the RMF team today to discuss your next project!